Ramazan Week 3, Light and Mercy

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The third week of Ramazan has arrived and the believers must prepare themselves for the home stretch inshaAllah: the last 10 nights are coming and everyone is excited and preparing themselves to finish strong for the sake of Allah SWT.

Since the Islamic calendar moves throughout the year by 11 “Gregorian days”, we have had the added blessing of celebrating Sheykh Lokman Efendi’s birthday or Mevlid for the last couple of years during Ramazan. Our beloved Murshid doesn’t make a big deal of his birthday but we as his murids love to celebrate it and express our happiness and gratitude that our Sheykh is with us and guiding us. We are thanking Allah SWT for the existence of our Sheykh and celebrating that day in this holy month with extra blessings and duas for a long life, strong life and healthy life for him, Amin.

The weather has started to improve and the days have gotten longer, and so we were able to have one of the last zhikr and sohbets outside in the open air which is a lovely blessing. It’s simply astonishing how fast the time moves when you don’t want Ramazan to end! As we finish the third week, may we prepare ourselves for the last 10 nights properly with our Sheykh’s himmet, Amin.