The Mission of Sahib El Saif KS Continues

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Sahib El Saif’s mission was to spread the light of Islam to every house in America and later that expanded to the whole world. Born in Cyprus and raised by his blessed father Hajji Fouat Al Rabbani, he was always kept in the presence and service of Sheykh Mevlana Mohammad Nazim HZ. Eventually he would be given a task by Sheykh Mevlana to bring Islam to a new continent as revealed in a vision of our GrandSheykh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani. He traveled to America as a young man who had already lived a full life as a Gazi, or veteran, of the Cyprus war where he was injured defending Islam. He came at just 19 years of age with the sole mission of spreading the words and mission of his Sheykh Mevlana Mohammad Nazim KS.


 He carried that mission through hardship and ease with beauty, strength, haqq, and honor. He gathered hearts that were thirsty and filled them with peace beyond the confusion of this dunya. On May 19th Sheykh Efendi Sahib El Saif in Fajr sohbet announced that he would be traveling. This was after the finishing the construction of the main masjid in Dergah, a seed that bore fruit after years of struggle. It is not just a masjid, it is the foundation of Islam in the western hemisphere. His vision was established and the mission finally realized. It was a miraculous day, full of signs that in retrospect clearly pointed to his union with his Lord Allah SWT. The sadness we feel at missing your smile, your presence, your washups, the echoes of your voice we still hear in the Dergah, is soothed by none other than Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz. A righteous person, a true lover, the best example, the most humble, the most giving, the most caring, a fearless leader, truely a gift to us. A gift to the world. Even in your separation, you didn’t leave us alone and provided for us. Elhemdullillah shukr for our Sahib El Saif HZ and his Waris Sheykh Lokman Efendi HZ, Amin. Fatiha!